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A Quiet Thanksgiving at the Beach...

This year, we elected to spend Thanksgiving here at the beach, just Rox and me and Coquita...after that really fun week in Banos, we just weren't ready to pack up the car again, and drive halfway across Ecuador to join the happy fun at Rich and Nancy's. 

We wish the whole gang in Cucnca, and everyone else who celebrates, a really Happy Holiday, and we're sure that they blew out the walls this year in Cuenca...we will see you all soon and catch up...

It turns out that we just didn't spend the day cooking and walking on the beach, we got out all the wrapping material, and all the kid's gifts and got a good start on wrapping them all.  Rox also got the tree decorated, so it will also be included the the "Santa's Workshop" set for good pictures, and better atmosphere.

 We did a ham and trimmings this year, and the odd thing is that after finishing a really delicious dinner, we felt just fine, as if we had just had about a dozen courses of a Turkey and everything else dinner.

 You will notice under the tree, that we have limited the colorful wrapping to red and green...this is for two reasons...number one is that Christmas wrapping paper is diabolically expensive, like $2.50 for a square yard, so this year we bought about 60 yards of a paper-cloth like fabric, and it works just fine.  Reason number two is that the boys will have red presents and the girls green ones.  Rox has coded each package with signs reading "b-t-b" meaning "boy-truck-big", and "g-d", for "girl-doll"...or "lbd" or "br" for "little boy drum" or "baby rattle"--you get the idea...

There are 51 presents wrapped now, and we only have 99 more to wrap...but today was a good start...

So...this year we not only got that familiar drowsy-full feeling, but also a really nice "warm, fuzzy feeling"...and that's about as good as it gets!



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