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A couple of "Aw Shucks!" Christmas Tales...

Well the holiday season is sneaking up on us here at the Coast...My fingers are crossed as I tell you that I think that El Nino is finally loosening his grip on us here in Ecuador.  So...instead of our continuous string of breezy and cool, cloudy days, we are getting around to sunny and warm days--and this is finally bringing out a steady stream of tourists...

It is that time of year now, when school is out and kids young and younger, will flock to the beaches and parade themselves along Montanita's packed dirt streets--we now see bikinis and surfer dude trunks all night long now...not the endless stream of blue jeans and windbreakers that were the norm for the last 8 months...

For the last year, there has been one street vendor that Rox has been particularly taken with...he is consistent in that he drops by our table once on Saturday night, but he never harangues or hustles, and invariably gives Rox a little smile as she gives him her little head shake, that means no she is not interested in buying necklaces or earrings...She has said on several occasions that she wants to just give him $5.00 for being such a gentleman, even though she doesn't buy anything. 

So...as Christmas approached, we figured that it would be a good time to pass him the five bucks, and talk about providence!!!  As we were a block away from the Casa Blanca, Rox looked down, and sitting in the dirt in front of her left foot, was a folded five dollar bill!  She picked it up and looked around for someone who seemed to be patting his pockets or looking for something, but all we both saw, was the normal street scene--no way to return it...

We walked along with smiles on our faces thinking that this surely was a good omen, and talked about maybe making it an extra large tip for our waiter.  And then one of us said "this is the bill to use for our street vendor!!!".  Well, to make a long story longer, Rox called him over as he approached our table, and proffered the bill saying that she didn't want to buy anything, but that she wanted to give him the bill as a "Christmas gift"...when he finally really understood what she meant, his eyes began to water, and he said that "this is food for my family"...and after many handshakes and smiles...off he went to the store and home...now, that was a good feeling!!!

Then, as Hector was bringing us our happy hour drinks, he held up his foot to show us that his sandals had disintegrated, with the sole of the right foot hanging straight down toward the ground...we all laughed about how funny it seemed...and a little later he showed up to demonstrate that now he had sandals that were fine, except that there was a bright yellow flower across the middle of the front strap.  He said that he had borrowed them from the girl who was cooking, but he didn't mind the flower, just the fact that they were tight enough to chafe the top of his foot...

As we continued to enjoy another fun dinner, we kicked around the thought that Hector was going to have mighty sore feet in the morning, if he continued to rub his skin raw with sandals that were too small.  He still had six hours of waitering to go. 

Then, we said that maybe we ought to just buy him another pair of sandals from one the surf shops, but we each said that it would be crazy to try to get him the correct fit, especially since he told us that he can't wear the kind with the post that goes between the big and second toe.  So...we tabled that idea. But...as we were walking back to the car, we told each other that we would just take a quick look at sandals, and amazingly enough, after looking at just a couple of styles, Rox found a pair of hiking sandals with comfortable soles and Velcro straps for easy adjustments, with a negotiated price of seven bucks.  She tried them on said they felt great...

So...we returned with our purchase, and called Hector over...he now had a full restaurant that he was waitering by himself...but...he almost fainted when Rox pulled the sandals out of the bag...as he immediately seated himself on an empty chair, opened up all the Velcro straps and custom fitted them to his feet in about 60 seconds--this, as the kitchen was dinging the little bell for food that was up...He shook my hand, petted Coquita, and gave Rox a hug, and literally skipped all the way to the kitchen in perfectly fitted sandals that made him look an inch taller than a minute before...

As we turned to go, we noticed that a bunch of patrons were giving us big smiles, and the two bartenders each gave us a "thumbs up".

So...the nice, warm feeling that we had, wasn't just from the good food and good company...





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    A couple of "Aw Shucks!" Christmas Tales... - You can join here... - BobnRox
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    A couple of "Aw Shucks!" Christmas Tales... - You can join here... - BobnRox

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Feliz Navidad Bob & Rox. Thanks for spreading the good feelings this way.

December 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMary

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