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Loading Baggies--Yo, Ho--Hee, Ho!!!

This morning, we were sipping coffee on the deck deciding what we needed to do for the party, to keep on schedule.  Over the weekend, we did a little painting, and Agripina and Isidro straightened up our second set of "Maid's Quarters"--mainly making sure that the bathroom worked fine and was nice and clean.  Rox and I measured poles, and she sewed material for the sides of "Santa"s Workshop".

So...this morning it was fun to hear that all we had to do was fill the baggies with candy and animal crackers...this sounds really easy, until you multiply the task by 150...but, we had a lot of fun, including Coquita, who was willing to partake in an occasional dropped piece of animal cracker...

A bunch more of the work will have to wait until tomorrow and Wednesday morning...

And...it was just blind luck that we had exactly enough animal crackers and candy to fill all the baggies...take a look...


Here I am holding the last two to go...

 To answer a couple of questions, yes, the animal crackers were astonishingly fresh--just ask me and Coquita!!!

And, yes, El Nino is loosening his grip on us...unfortunately he has traveled to the North, where it will be one of the worst winters in years for US, Canada, and Europe...

Here is one of our "normal" happy hour sunsets...

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