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Being 12 years old, and not a kid anymore...

If you will count down 18 photos in the Christmas Party entry, you will see a nice young girl taking her little sister up to meet Santa--she bought up a little baby later...

No, she is not the mother!  Just a big sister!

The story here is that she sort of glommed on to Rox during the party...very common in little girls, I might add..so when Rox could come up for air, they talked, and Rox found that she was responsible for her sisters getting to see Santa, but that, being 12, she wasn't considered young enough to come up and get a present from Santa.

There was no doubt that she, too, wished she could just come up and get a gift from Santa--what are we talking about anyway--24 months at the most from the cut-off?  So Rox promised that if there were presents left over, that she would make sure she got one...however,  events get even busier later, and the little girl, named Nancy, left without anything but a hot dog...

To right this wrong, Rox asked Agripina to deliver a "little girl gift bag" for Nancy.

Here is a picture of them all when Nancy came over yesterday to thank Rox for keeping her word, and to do a little more glomming...



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