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Burn, Burn, Burn your Troubles Away!!!

As New Year's Eve approaches (with almost a full moon--oh, oh!), we are seeing another interesting custom come into full bloom.  For only about a week, Paper Mache figures of just about everybody and everything are on sale on both sides of the main drag going into Salinas...

Yesterday, was our market day, and we saw 1000's of these figures for sale--and they will have a very short lifespan, too, for they will be burned to a crisp tonight at midnight.

Pretty wasteful, you say...well, yeah!  But...maybe it is far cheaper than a shrink or going postal, for the custom here is that, as you burn up your particular figure, you will also burn up all of your worries, problems and bad memories of 2009, and begin 2010 with a fresh, clean outlook. 

I say, whatever works for you!!!  Maybe this is a custom that should be exported.

Here are several shots of the figures--you will notice that a new figure from last year is Michael Jackson--wildly popular in S. America...


The president is always popular, as is sponge Bob...











The Beatles???










This is our favorite scenario this year, and it says a lot!!!  Picture the hapless driver of a motorcycle being stopped by a "corrupt" traffic cop, being made to pay a bribe into a huge pot of cash, before being allowed to drive on...

What we have here are two opposing forces...one...the vast majority of citizens are so poor that they will never be able to afford a car, so motorcycles make up a big percentage of the motor vehicle population.

And, two, the government's push to stop corruption at all levels, while trying to enforce a new set of motor vehicle rules patterned after the US and Europe.

Being poor, mainly due to having very large families, and very limited employment opportunities, many drivers of motorcycles have inadequate paperwork.  The traffic stop usually involves being asked for a current driver's license, current registration of your vehicle and proof that you have purchased state required minimum auto insurance.

Because the traffic cop is usually just as poor as the person he has stopped, and the driver who has been stopped has no hope of getting current on his paperwork, there is sometimes an exchange of a few bucks, and the driver is signalled to be on his way...

Hence the very real depiction of real life...

 Here is real life--Rox snap shot this to give you a view of how it really is!

Unbelievably, this motorcycle is carrying a family of SIX!!!  That is a baby, the mother is holding in front of everybody...her head is not visible...

In addition to the necessary paperwork, this driver could be cited for having more people than seats in a vehicle, TWO persons between himself and the controls of the Motorcycle, no helmets, and inadequate seat restraint for children under six.

So...what do you think happens when this family gets pulled over at a traffic stop???



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