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Trading Modern Medicine for Ancient Cures...

Here in Ecuador you are never far from a jungle, or from the types of plants and trees that usually make up the jungle.  Here is a tale that kind of sets the scene...

When we returned from the Casa Blanca the other night (Saturday), Isidro opened our gates for us, and we were surprised to see that he was all bundled up in what could only be described as a ski jacket, while we were in shirts and shorts...  He looked kind of clammy, and Rox immediately wanted to feel his forehead, and sure enough, it was hot, hot, hot...

I had Sinutabs with us in the car, which I use for altitude sickness, so I handed him a card containing six, and told him to take one now and one in the morning...

The next day, he was his old self, told us that he was on his second pill, and was feeling fine...and, this is all good news, and everyone is happy...

Well, well, not to be outdone, I started having rumblings in my stomach a couple of days later, and thought that i might have caught the bug from Isidro, but all of my symptoms were different from his.  For starters, I could pass everything on the road, except a bathroom, if you know what i mean.  I had no fever, either.

So...up until this morning, I was taking Pepto-Bismol, and I was getting no relief, to the point where Rox had to tell Agripina that we were canceling our trip to Salinas for supplies, because I felt so rotten.

So...this morning I was sitting on the deck feeling kind of punk, and Agripina shows up with a stainless steel beaker, and a bowl covered with a saucer.  She shows me a soup made with rice, chunks of cheese, and a bunch of stuff that looked like poppy petals, and says that this will make my upset stomach better.  Then she shows me a half liter of liquid in the beaker, and tells me that this will make my (and at this point she makes a flourish with her arm away from her rear end), better.

I am supposed to drink a half liter of the stuff in the beaker right now, so I taste it, and it is warm and as thick as apricot juice (obviously reduced on the stove, since it was still warm), and it has a slight minty taste, but one can tell that there is much more in it...it is only a hint of mint...

Now the rice, cheese soup is pretty good, and I eat it all.

My stomach is pretty delicate, and I am not too sure that everything will sit well, but this is certainly all I want for a noon meal. 

I am making this entry at 2:30 pm of the same day, and I feel as if I have never been sick at all!!!

Agripina told us that all of the herbs come from plants that are many years old, some from the jungle, and that her daughter across the street grows most of them.  I have to tell you, that if North American medicine could work so well, they would patent it, and jack the prices through the roof.

Having a "Shaman" as one of your people, is a pretty darn nice discovery...







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