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A Photo seen around the world...

I was getting ready to cover the big surf championship and Beauty Contest that will occur in Monanita today, and was astonished to see the following photo.  As I followed up on it, I found that it is in hundreds of blogs and websites, and that there is a lot of conjecture about just what kind of "fish" we are seeing...  Some comments say that this photo is traveling around the world "lightning fast", and I guess so...it is pretty amazing!  It seems that the fin of a shark sticks straight up and the dolphin fin is sort of rolled back...so, some folks see "shark", others see "dolphin"...

I added the verbiage, just so you folks who only look at pictures, won't think that this is a homegrown picture, and to give credit to Australia...


 Right after lunch, we are taking off to see what the "surfistas" are doing...

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