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Are We Having Fun Yet? You Bet your Ass!!!

Well, this is a day that was all diamonds.  The surf was down, but the music was up--and so were the babes!!!  Now, I know that is a sexist thing to say, but these young ladies really were babes...and...they were really nice, too!!!  Just to show how nice...I will put in a shot that should convince you all--Here they are taking the time to pose with me, and look pretty darn good,  after they had just spent an hour dancing for us all in the hot sun, too... 

It has been a real kick getting your emails in response to this picture...so here are a couple of observations...Rox took this picture with her camera, as she did about half the shots in this entry...Did I enjoy being a "dirty ol' man"--you bet!!!  I just wish the "old" part wasn't so obvious...but, what the hey!  It's way better than whatever is in second place...      And...I guess this wasn't so obvious to some...the two wonderful blond ladies on my right and my left, were the same ladies, eating ice cream bars, who posed at the Casa Blanca with Rox, Coquita, and Hector...   And, to answer another question, Conquer Beer is a new entry into the beer market by the biggest beer outfit in South America.  This is targeted to young people, and is stressing responsible drinking and behavior...




 Here are a bunch of shots of the Conquer Beer performers, the band, other dancers, and a couple of simulated unarmed combat demos...the band puts out a driving beat that keeps everyone hopping, and all of the folks shown here were about as nice as could be, and everyone had a great time.












We took a couple of pics of the surfers, but the tide was out and the surf was not too high, so here is the best that we could do.  Just to show that we didn't spend all day watching the babes dance...(yeah, right!!!)


 We took off for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then headed back to the Casa Blanca for dinner.  It was a madhouse in Mantanita, and people watching was the best...  And...the really nice ladies waved to us and came over so we could take a couple of pics of them and Rox, and Coquita...Coquita is also a Babe-Magnet...



Hector just about dropped his teeth when we showed him him the picture of me with the four dancers...so you can imagine his thrill when we called him over and said that they would pose for a picture with him in it...


And, if that wasn't enough fun, we met a couple of charming English guys and spent an enjoyable hour discussing places we've traveled, world events, and the future...They will be here for two more weeks, and we hope to get around to solving the world's problems next time...









Posted on Sat, February 14, 2009 at 09:19PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments2 Comments

Reader Comments (2)

Spent 3 days reading your blog. Loved it. I must say your experiences with the locals are wonderful. Read about a couple who moved from the coast to Cuenca and find the people much less friendly.
You have a beautiful spot on the beach, and your house is great too! Wish we were there, cold and wet in rainy Vancouver, British Columbia

All the best

March 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterShelagh

Hi Shelagh...thanks for the kind words...kudos make us want to do better...we have the perfect venue...all we have to do is try to communicate about how good it makes us feel...

and...thanks for reading the whole thing!!!

All of our best to you,
Bob & Roxanne

March 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

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