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Getting to Know our New Neighbors...

As many of you know, the property next door used to contain an unsightly three story, concrete wreck of a home that had been demolished over ten years ago by El Nino.  Well, last year a family purchased the lot, and the first thing they did was demolish the monstrosity, which made us extremely happy. 

This weekend, we got together to get to know one another a little better, and we also learned a lot about the previous history of our area, and the people who lived around here.  We had lots to talk about, and even took several pictures.

These folks own a shrimp lab in Salinas, and will build a home with a pool, as soon as the price of shrimp goes up a little bit more.     Lili had a really cool Blackberry PDA, which I had never seen up close.  It even allows any computer to hook up to the Internet, just be connecting it up...She showed my how it worked, by taking this picture of Rox and me, and immediately emailing it to the computer.  It was a lot faster the the service that I use now...so, who knows, maybe I will joining Obama in loving a Blackberry...here we are...

 This whole shot from click to email reception took about a minute...pretty neat technology!  

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