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The Casa Blanca posts the "Babe" Photos!!

We rolled on down to the Casa Blanca for our Saturday night fix of fun and frolic, and hauled along a couple of pictures for Hector.  One was the picture of him with the two Dancing girls, and one was the pic of me with four of them.   We were shooting the bull with a couple of the English men we showed before, and all of a sudden Chris says that they have posted the pictures!!!

This kind of shot was just too good to pass up...so...folks, when you pass thru Montanita, you will be able to see a photo of us hanging just above the serving counter in the main dining room...

 I just noticed that the dish that's up for service is Rox's.  She always orders stir fried veggies instead of rice and salad for her Calamari dish, and always gets a plate of limes extra...so small world...

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