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Incredible Pictures from the Inauguration...

Well folks, I have received this website from two friends already, so I guess it is one of the hottest items around the world...thanks mucho Mary Lou and Guy...

This website gives you 158 pictures of every facet of the inauguration, taken by folks, professional and amature...It is a wonderful cross-section look at America at its best--a peaceful transition of the most powerful job in the world!!!


These are so good that you might want to save some to your hard drive, just in case they might not always be up there in the sky for you to download...Now, I know that most of you are way smarted than I am about this ol' computer, but this is how I did it...

1.  Create a file called "2009 Presidential Inauguration" or something like that.

2.  click on the start  or "next" button to see the first picture.

3.  If you like it, "right click" on your mouse, and click "save as".

4.  For this first picture, you have to locate the file you created.  Find it, but before you click on the "save" button take your cursor down to the title of the picture and add "1", cause it is the first picture and it is also listed as number 1 at the bottom of the screen.  you do this because all of the pictures are labeled the same.  So, if you don't add a number to the bottom title, you will get an error message that says that there is already a file with that title...

4.  Relive a great experience.

5.  And, for you right wingers out there, there are several very good shots of the Bush's, their daughters, and Cheney...

Here are a couple...







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