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A Little "Heads-Up" that is important to everyone...

Last year, when I raised a few questions about the wisdom of "borrowing your way out of a recession", I know several of you probably thought that I was just being "disloyal" to the good ol" USA...but that is not the case...

Remember these?



I studied a fair bit of economics in my younger day, and I try to keep up now, but never did I come across the subject, "Borrowing your way out of a Recession-Depression".  Especially when it rewards the same bad managers who put us there in the first place...

The subject of the following article should help most folks see that there is indeed a problem with this approach.  It is the tip of the iceberg, however.  But the tip is all it took to sink the Titanic.

Please read this article...  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/14/business/worldbusiness/14china.html?_r=1


I do remember some subjects that called for "Belt Tightening" and that told you there would be "Pain"...





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