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It's a Really Hot Day---Let's buy a Panama Hat!!!

Well Folks,  the Ozone layer keeps getting thinner, so it is more important than ever to have protection from those dangerous sun rays that get through much easier than before...

We had been meaning to take a tour of the Panama Hat Factory, but today was hot enough to warrant a trip to their store.  We had a great time picking out hats, and were very pleased with the help received in making sure that we had the correct size, style and color.  their website: http://www.pajatoquilla.com/

Here is a scene where the strands are dried by the indigenous people before it is made into those famous Ecuadorean Panama Hats (Panama is a misnomer)...


And, of course, we had to pose for pictures in our new hats, which were picked out in a total of 15 minutes--a new record!!



A shot of Coquita...not wanting to be left out...





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