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A Little Good News about a Good News Guy...

Sometimes we forget to celebrate the good things that we take for granted down here in Cuenca, and today, I want to tell you about how lucky we expats are, to have a Doctor like Dr. Pablo Parra.  He is an Internist who specializes in diseases of the heart-lung area, and anywhere else that keeps the human breathing and alive.  He also speaks perfect English, and spends a lot of his vacation time in the US and other countries making sure that he is at the top of his game and on top of all new developments in his field...

To put the following in perspective, my brother Rich just told me that when they left, they were paying Kaiser over $1,200 per month!  And they were getting poorer and poorer service--like 10 minutes with their doctor...

Now, when we expats go to see Dr. Parra, we pay $25.00 at the desk of the Monte Sinai Hospital's Fifth floor, are given a receipt with our number in line.  (I always go about 9:40 am so I will be first), and when he arrives a little after 10:00 he will take you into the office and spend as long as needed to make sure that everything is addressed and to make sure that you haven't forgotten to bring up any other concerns that you might have.  (He sometimes is a little late, because he spends his mornings treating the very poor at another hospital)   He says it is "his mission" to provide the best medical care he can to all.

Most of the time, especially if you are getting a physical, he will have you schedule a follow-up visit, and usually he says not to pay the $25.00--we pay it anyway...

As an example, when I was there a couple of days ago with a slightly complicated complaint, he took the time to address it, prescribed two medicines, one that would cure it, and one that would help make sure that it stayed healed--(circulation problem in my leg)...Total cost for visit, medicines, and follow-up--$75.00!!!

There is also a prepaid medical plan provided by this hospital for those who wish to have a little more security.  Those expat travel health insurance plans have premiums that go through the roof once, the "trip" portion expires.  So this hospital offers a great alternative.

For you local expats who don't know about Dr. Parra, here are the particulars:

Dr. Pablo Parra

Hospital Monte Sinai, Miguel Cordero 6-111 y Av. Solano

Telephone:  2885595 ext. 2511    Emergency:  2843090

Email:  parra5432@yahoo.com

I have his personal cell phone number, but I would prefer that he give you that himself.



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