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Coastin' down 11,000 feet to the Beach

I'm sitting here in our office, listening to the waves break, feeling the overhead fan churning the air, and wearing shorts for the first time in 30 days...Cuenca is a Jewell of a city, and my favorite, but it ain't the beach!!!  In fact, as one leaves the bowl that surrounds Cuenca, and begins the long downhill drive, prosperity and a sense of history seem to diminish by the drop in altitude...

This is not to say that the rest of Ecuador is not fascinating, but Cuenca makes folks feel as if they are in a European Capital--lots of historical buildings, churches, cobblestone streets, and shops that have been around since the US was very, very young...

As you level off in the flat lands, there is decidedly less organization, history, and infrastructure...here people work really hard to make ends meet.  But, and this is what I love down here, they almost always have a smile on their faces, and are always willing to lend a hand to their fellow citizen, and even a lost or inquisitive Gringo...

Things are looser and less organized as we get nearer the beach...how can you be too serious when you are shaking sand from your shoes??  Coquita had another great adventure trying to "squash" sand crabs right after we arrived home.

Rox and I spent a couple of years traveling in Europe in the early 1970's, and we carried enough luggage to be able to walk and sometimes run for a train which seemed to be 1000's of yards away--Now, we arrive in Cuenca with every square inch of our SUV loaded down--someone once said that if you have some spare room, you will easily find stuff to fill it...same with cars and traveling...

Agripina and Isidro made a bunch of trips from the car to the house, just carrying all of our junk...but before that, Coquita had to run around like a mad dog and squirm like a little jelly belly to show that she was thrilled to see her old buddies...so good vibes all around...

Rich and Nancy have taken over the apartment for a headquarters for their in depth examination of Cuenca...we have several fun pics that I will add later.

We had chicken sandwiches  on huge buns tonight as we watched the sunset do its magic...I would have taken another picture, but I am trying to contain myself...Trust us to say that we have to pinch ourselves to believe that we live in such a storybook setting.


Rox & I would like to welcome all of our new subscribers and readers...we feel honored that so many of you have stuck around to read so many back pages...and for the huge number of you that have found us through Google Images, I promise that I will keep slipping in a little cheesecake, now and then...

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