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Moondoggie Returns!!!


 We had a great visit with Brian and Shelley, whom you remember as being Fredi's Mommy and Daddy--Coquta's little play date...

As Brian contemplates a wave quite a bit bigger than he is, we have to give him the good sport award for taking the boogie board and challenging the waves for the first time.  He said it was just great, and that the water was like a "bathtub"...

He got several pretty good rides, as the surf was just high enough to get him moving...so kudos to Moondoggie!!!  (That's Gidget's Bobby Darren boyfriend, in case you have somehow missed the connection...

We all spent time relaxing on the deck, and had to make a couple of trips to Montanita and the Casa Blanca, where all of the staff greeted us with lots of cries "Coquita, Coquita"  take a look...

 These two little girl puppies just seem to be joined at the hip...when they first get together, they just tussle and chase each other until each is exhausted...then they rest up and do it again...



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