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A feel-good story about Ecuadorian Techies...

When we bought our car last year, the seller was proud to tell us that the audio system was top of the line...and I guess it was, 'cause it blasted out music in all directions with no distortion, and the front of the radio came off, for security...plus, it had all sorts of moving colors when it was playing...

Well, we somehow got the removable front bounced off onto the floorboards and didn't know it, and the upshot was that, after that,  it didn't do a very good job controlling the radio or CD player anymore, so we have been without  for about four months...

So...we have been casting about for a cheap CD player to substitute for what didn't work, and yesterday, I wandered into a radio, TV, and assorted other gadget repair shop, and asked what they might suggest for a replacement--cheap...

 Well, the guys took a look at the faceless radio (I had misplaced the front), and told me that it was a top of the line Pioneer model, and I would be smarter to get a new faceplate.  I had no idea that that could even be done, but they gave me a price for a used one, that they assured me they could get by this morning.  I arrived on time at their shop, but they told me that the guy who had said he could get them a used one, did not have the right model to operate our system.

I was getting pretty discouraged by now, but the techie told me that we should jump in the car, and we drove across town to a Pioneer dealership...where my guy did a lot of talking, and the salesman did a lot of trying out of faceplates, telling us finally that the one that worked was $130.00.  Well, I just about had a heart attack, and told them that it was just way too much just for a radio.  (I guess the actual unit costs a bunch)

So...my guy did a lot of talking, and the salesman went over to a new boxed up Pioneer system, tore off the cellophane, and grabbed out the faceplate, put it on the car, and said that the total charge would now only be what I was originally quoted for a used one.  Not even a charge for tax!

Needless to say, I was impressed with the total honesty and honor shown again by the local Ecuadorians...I just love these folks...

And to top it off!!!  As I was driving away, the music that happened to be on the FM stereo was Mick singing "Satisfaction" (I can't get no Satisfaction), so I cranked it up all the way, rolled down all the windows and sang along--another crazy Gringo smiling all the way home...





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