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Rich and Nancy Arrive in Cuenca!!

My Brother Rich and his wife Nancy arrived from Oregon yesterday, for what will be an extended South American adventure...For now, they will use Cuenca as a home base for explorations into the opportunities offered by other parts of Ecuador and other South American countries.


A good sign was that their plane from Quito was right on time, there were incredibly few extra weight charges on luggage fit for a family of ten, and everything fit into the SUV, and we even got back from the airport to the apartment, without getting lost or having any traffic delays.

Here are a couple of Airport shots of the happy couple and our reunion...


Nancy, blurred, but happy to be here...

Just a wee bit of luggage...

And here's a shot of the four of us with the car packed...(and, of course, Coquita...) 


We spent the rest of the day trading stories of our travels, and listening to Rich's and Nancy's accounting of their selling their ranch, and reducing their possessions to those suitcases with which they arrived.  As most of the Expats know, physical reduction of possessions is only part of the process.  Getting your business and personal life compacted and transferred is also time consuming and gut-wrenching...but they did it!!!

 Here's a shot of Rich saying "I can hardly believe we made it!!!"  As you can see, he is taking a well-deserved break...


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