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Agripina comes over for a few Birthday Goodies

Agripina and Isidro live on our property in their own two bedroom place, and give us assistance when we need it.  Pretty much Isidro is responsible for the grounds, and helping carry junk up from the car, and Agripina cleans up the joint on Wednesday, when we go to town.  Since we like the way we cook and have our own laundry appliances, they are excused from cooking or doing the laundry.  They do other things like opening the gates when we drive in and out, restock big water bottles, cycle the garbage, and generally keep a watch on the place at all times.

Agripina's mother died in November, and Ecuadorean tradition pretty much provides that she be in mourning for a year--this means no party for her birthday.  We felt that she deserved to have something to mark the occasion, so we gave them the "job" of coming over Friday afternoon for a little birthday get-together.

 Naturally we had to have a drink--here they are with Cuba Libres...


Rox had been buying personal items and some earrings for the last several trips to Salinas, and presented her with this gift basket... 


There were goodies that Agripina would not normally have purchased for herself, like bon-bons, skin conditioner, really neat shampoo and conditioner, very feminine package of nice smelling soaps, a couple of sets of earrings, and of course, the nightgown was the big hit...

 We didn't want to leave Isidro out, so Rox re-gifted a really cool headband that we had received from Nancy, which has some beads in it that, after soaking in water, keep a person's forehead cool for a long time.  Since Isidro does a lot of yard work in the blazing sun, we passed along one of the two that Nancy gave us.  We know she will be happy to know that this one will be greatly appreciated.

 Incidentally, Rox got that shirt in Cuenca for Isisdro, and we see him wearing it on special occasions.

After refilling every-one's drink, and gabbing for about an hour, we were joined by their grandson, Alex, who had been watching TV at their house--he is the little blond angel in previous post.  We all had a great time telling jokes, and keeping up on current events...


Because this was all that was going to happen for her birthday, Agripina gave us hugs all around, and then there was lots of hugging and good vibes...a really feel good time...


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