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Fall is in the Air at the Equator...

As we have said many times, our seasons are upside down from those in the Northern hemisphere, and this month we are seeing our sun slowly go North to warm up a bunch of our readers in the US, Canada, and all over Europe...

It also means the kids are back in school this week--summer vacation is over!  Rox and I marvel that from some of the poorest homes, we see emerging, young students in their uniforms that feature absolutely spotless white dress shirts for both boys and girls.  We have top of the line Whirlpools in Cuenca and here, and can't approach that level of whiteness.  I guess they should make a Fab commercial.  I should also say, that these kids take care of each other, are always holding hands, and always seem to have a smile on their faces--even more refreshing!!!

And, it is election time!!!  The country is absolutely flooded with huge signs of candidates running for all sorts of offices--including the Presidency--but Correa has that pretty well locked up.  It is amazing what support a president can have if he actually works for the people, and doesn't just pad the pockets of the super-rich--what a concept!!!

And, Easter is just around the corner--it is a big deal in a predominantly Catholic country...There is a photo op that I hope I can utilize...stay tuned...

Here is a shot of the sun going north


As you can see from the angle, the sun is not directly in front of us...we are still sitting around in shorts and tee shirts, however...


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