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Meet Alfonso "Our Socialist" from a couple of entries back...

I had to go to the bank this morning, 'cause it seems that nobody can ever cash a twenty, and when I tip the bartender and cook for their good work each Saturday, I never seem to have just enough change.  Plus, it seems that almost everything costs one, two or three bucks, and it's a pain to have to put some merchant thru the embarrassment of going next door or down the street to get change...

So I was talking to Alfonso, who guards the bank, and who is our resident "Socialist" from a little ways back, and I decided to take his picture.  He carries a six-shooter that belongs to the bank, and must be older than Wyatt Earp--I sincerely hope nobody ever takes a shot at this bank, because I would recommend to Alfonso, that, with five kids, you just hand over your gun, and let them have the dough.

But, he is a super nice guy, and teaches us a ton of about how things really work locally and nationally.  Let me also be very clear...this guy could have gone far, if he didn't follow the Ecuadorean model of beginning a family very young, and watching it grow...we have met lots of really smart folks who have foregone education for the goal of putting food on the table. 

And, one more item of interest...the new laws now stipulate that police and security guards must leave their weapons at their place of employment when they go off work, and pistol ownership by the general public is outlawed.  So...a gentle society has now just become gentler--and that can't be bad...

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