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A Quick Trip to Cuenca

We had been planning on a visit to Cuenca in the week of the 12th, but we had a change of plans that let us go a week early--sort of throw all the stuff in a suitcase, the food in a cold box, Coquita and her bed and toys in the back seat, and take on off.


On the way out we got to see the huge excavator in action--that dump truck that is being loaded is a Euclid or Uke, and is so big that it is illegal to drive on the roads in the US--Lo-Boy trailer only...so that will give you an idea of what kind of equipment made the "Mt Rushmore" face in the last entry...


We rolled right on thru Guayaquil, and that in itself, makes for a great trip--it's hard to say anything nice about that town, so, as Mom used to say "If you can't say anything nice, don't..."

 We had mentioned that we roll through about a gazillion banana and rice plantations between the time we leave Guayaquil and before we begin our 11,500 foot climb up on over the bowl that surrounds Cuenca...take a look at how these banana trees look, and how they make sure that the birds and bugs don't eat the bananas that you eat.  Ecuador is the biggest exporter of bananas...

Each banana bunch has its own bug proof sack...no tarantulas here...

And, speaking of crops...the indigenous people grow all kinds of produce right out of solid rock, it seems.  In the higher regions of the Andes, nothing is flat...this is a "tree farm" (notice the regular rows), but what makes it unusual, is that the granite slopes where these trees are planted are almost straight up!!  The camera makes a poor job of showing the steepness of the slope.

 We took a break for lunch after we had traveled thru about 2000 feet of dense clouds at the 4000 foot elevation.  All that white stuff below the blue sky is what we had just driven thru.  As you can see, Rox is still dressed for Coastal temps...An hour later, she donned a sweater and jacket, and it was still freezing--however, it warmed up a little as we coasted down into Cuenca...

We got a "birds-eye" view of the valley where our Trout Restaurant is located...here is the big view, and if you wish to see a closer look, read back to the entry about a gourmet trout restaurant...  That river provides tons of cold water, just right for dozens of self-cleaning trout ponds that trail down below that restaurant...

 It was great to get to our apartment, put our feet up, have a drink, and a leisurely dinner...'Course, it is all spoiled by turning on CNN and listening to their take on world events...

However, one bit of happy news was that Ecuador beat favored Argentina to get a baby step closer to the 2010 World Cup Games to be held in South Africa.  Ecuador might just be a dark horse in this race...they keep surprising better teams by beating them.  In fact, all of the Ecuador Soccer team was taking a break in Montanita when we had dinner there last Saturday...what a lot of good looking and rich guys they are!!!


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