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Father's Day and World Cup Fever...

The Ecuadorian National Soccer Team has been sneaking around and beating some pretty big national teams lately...As the run up for the 2010 Soccer Cup, to be held in South Africa, continues, The folks down here--already rabid soccer fans, are getting really excited.  It seems that little ol' Ecuador fought giant Brazil to a tie score, earlier this year, then it beat Peru handily, and just a couple of weeks ago, it beat Argentina 2-0, with a couple of stars sitting on the bench.


Now, it looks as if they can get to the World Cup if they can win Two out of the next four matches.  If they can beat Columbia on September 5, they are virtually assured a spot in 2010.


In fact, we were driving around Cuenca during the first part of the Ecuador-Argentina match, and we knew something was up, because there were no cars driving on the streets--they were all parked, and every bar and restaurant was packed with fans, and every TV was tuned into the game.  Argentina was supposed to win this one, and actually controlled the ball during the first half of play, but they missed some crucial goals and one huge penalty kick--that was all it took for Ecuador to feel the spinach it was eating, wake up, and kick some ass.  They made two terrific long range scores to ice the Argentina Team, and won it 2-0.  We also went back to our apartment and watched them win this one.


I had never been much interested in soccer, mainly because I loved College and NFL American Football.  That is changing...


So, when we were trying to figure what to get Isidro as a little father's day present, we couldn't help but consider a Soccer Team Jersey...take a look...he put it right on, and never took it off...

 He's a little camera-shy...don't worry he is doing cartwheels on the inside...

We also gave Agripina some earrings, whcih Rox picked out, and she, too, has not removed them...And Allan helped us celebrate... 

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