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An Artist Riding a 40 Ton Brush...

You regular readers know that Ecuador has embarked on a massive road improvement program for all of the major roads in the country, and Rox and I just love it!!!  We travel down the Ruta del Sol (The Pacific Coast Highway of Ecuador), every week to get supplies in Salinas.  When we first began this weekly shopping trip, the roads were absolutely terrible--lots of holes, bumps, dirt and mud and speed bumps--pretty rough on us and the car...

Since Correa has been the President, these road projects have been moving at lightning speed.  The Ruta del Sol first received a total make-over so that the two lane road was a beautiful, smooth blacktop all along the Coast.  But...this wasn't enough--it now is going to be four lanes!!!

 As you can see, the blacktop, two lane is fine, but these additional two lanes are being carved out everywhere...this is the excavator that does it all...


Now this story would be kind of routine, except that one man driving one of these huge excavators is really an artist deep inside...As they were coming to and end of gathering new rock to fill in a deep ravine, he wanted to leave a little statement...so take a look at what he did with this massive bucket...

 How about a little close up?


Well, it ain't Mount Rushmore...but he had to use a pretty big "brush"...so kudos to the road crew for making our drive a lot more fun!!!

And kudos to the Ecuadorian President Correa, for making it all possible...


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