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Naked, Edgy Artwork Endangered in Montanita!!!



 OK--here's the story...you all remember that I said that there would be a rock and roll restaurant opening in Montanita soon, in fact, it was supposed open tonight.  This new restaurant would have been attached to the Montanita Hotel, and to set it off from everyone else's restaurant, the owner hired a talented artist from Guayaquil to decorate.

I just learned that there was a big blowup between the American owner, and the chef and chief waiter, and the upshot is that everything has come to a roaring stop--possibly never to open even for one night!!!


The rest of the Hotel is painted white, and there is a good chance that this dramatic, original artwork will be whitewashed over soon...sort of like trying to erase a bad dream...


Well... I happen to love the way this guy paints--and Rox agrees...this artwork has to be preserved somehow, so we photographed it today, and will present the work here in the blog.


It is longer than our usual entries, but we hope that you like the art well enough to let it load in your machine...you might never see it again...

















 Thot I'd sneak in a pic of the "nut behind the wheel"...
























I found this Logo, signature, initial tucked up under a beam...I hope it is there to identify this really powerful artist...and I hope you all liked his work as much as I did and do...


Let's hope that it will be around a long time, but nevertheless, it was worth the time it took to upload, just so that we could all take a look at this fun stuff more than once.


Here is the Hotel where it is, if you are coming down for a look-see...


a little perspective...







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