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Riding Naked on the Beach 

Ok, now that I have your attention...


When we returned from our weekly shopping trip to Salinas, we were just coolin' it, watching the waves and BSing, when a couple of cowboys rode by with a string of saddle horses in tow...


We didn't think too much about it and just chalked it up to exercise or something.  Well, about 30 minutes later they were all back milling about and had picked up six young ladies who obviously were going to enjoy riding on the beach.  As in any group, a couple of girls could ride, and the rest were just like me, scared to death to be sitting up on this big tall horse, and wondering what to do next.  The classic example is one girl was leaning back on a non-moving mare and sort of patting it on the butt trying to get it to giddy-up...no go...I felt real sympathy...but they were having fun, shooting lots of pictures, and generally having a really nice day--right in front of our gate...


Then, all of a sudden, all of the shorts and tees were gone, and they all were in skimpy bikinis--trying to ride the horses...now the cameras were really clicking, and we realized that this whole exercise was for bragging rights back home.  How can you say you are not having fun, when you show pics of the beach, the waves, a big horse, and you in a skimpy bikini???

So...we decided to take a few, also...






As you can see, they spent a lot of time going back and forth in front of us...Coquita didn't quite know what to make of these "big animals" on her beach.

But the girls all got tons of pictures, had lots of laughs, and then let the cowboys take the horses home.  Then they spent the next two hours playing in the surf...you can bet that they will have lots of jealous friends when they get home...


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