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Give me that Ol' Time Rock and Roll!!!

When Mike and Patty arrived last week, Mike gave me a stack of CD's that he had copied from the thousands of Rock and Roll songs that he has recorded.  Since we were busy when they were here, and we only have a little boom box here at the beach, and it has to compete with crashing waves, I did not get a chance to listen to many of them until today.


While Rox was inside shopping at SuperMaxi, I was left in the car to puppy-sit...so...I parked well away from other cars in the parking lot, and cranked up the Pioneer with six speakers...just for a test drive...and gazooks!!!  What a blast from the past...


Mike had recorded a bunch of singles, that I had not heard for at least 40 years!!!  And...I not only remembered the melodies, but could pretty much sing right along...(Of course, "singing" might not quite be the word)...but it was better than the shower...


So...again...I wish to thank Mike and Patty for all the goodies, and especially for this great rock and roll, which I promise to play at ear splitting levels whenever I can...

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