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This will be an "El Nino" year...

All the the scientific models that predict our weather have turned positive for predicting that 2009-2010 will be an El Nino year...the models do not predict just how strong the weather changes will be for various parts of the world.  A big factor is just how warm the waters in the Pacific, below the Equator, (where we live) will get.  Right now, they are a full degree warmer...there are a bunch of other factors, so you might Google "El Nino 2009" to get a flavor...here is one that discusses weather changes in the US... http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/90day/fxus05.html


I know that for Ecuador, I have heard that we will be getting very little rainfall and that we will be getting above average rainfall.  What I do know I that we got some really, really big waves last week...and I don't know if this is El Nino related or not...we will get El Nino effects in the next six months, while the US and other Northern countries will mostly get them beginning around Christmas and later.

The big waves we got were over 10 feet high and scary...in fact, overnight these waves took out 18 inches of sand right off of our beach.  I took some pictures of Isidro and his nephew filling sand bags for us.  I have waited a week to see how the sandbags worked, and to see if any sand has returned.  The good news is that there has been a five inch addition to the beach levels since last week.

Now, I watch the waves a lot, and still have to wonder which wave brings in sand, and which wave takes it out...

Here are some not very good pictures of the guys trying to make sure that more waves do not come in our yard and erase sand behind our fence and gate.  The first night, we had an eighteen inch ditch running from behind our gate to the lowered level of the sand outside...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Agripina and Isidro are veterans of sandbagging, as they were on hand for the devastating El Nino of 1996-97, which destroyed much of the beachfront of Ecuador...in fact, as we were clearing out spaces to put down the sandbags, we discovered the tops of sandbags that they had placed during that awful time.  The good news is that Mother Nature brought back a lot of the sand.

 You will notice how much sand eroded away...normally all the sand here is just level with the bottom of the gate.

 You can see just how much sand has disappeared by imagining the level coming straight out from the level of the gate bottom.  Each bag is one foot thick and weighs over 200 pounds.



They fill these bags half full and then hump them over to where they will be placed, then they go back to their hole and load up the side of another bag and drop that in to fill the bag...then they tie it up and plop it down.  (Agripina and I held the sides, and they poured.)


During the storm that took the sand away, the ocean broke over the top of our little stone wall, and water was draining thru the gate from about 20 feet into our yard...we were lucky...some folks along the beach lost retaining walls, and had concrete terraces undermined so that they broke in half...

At this point, the sand now covers the sandbags that we put in front of the gate...but we got a good taste of how strong Mama Natura can be, and we will be extra vigilant for the next few months...

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