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Our Beach is Returning!!!

First, We would like to thank a number of folks who have emailed us expressing concern and condolences for our loss of beach sand and the erosion it caused in our "yard".

Well, Mother Nature gives and Mama Natura takes away...and this last few days have seen a remarkably giving Mother Nature, as it regards to beach sand.

The way that we can measure how much the beach was lowered during those last super waves, is that, in front of our house, there is an old piece of a concrete foundation that is normally covered up, and after that last big wave event, it was sticking 18 inches out of the ground.

The good news is that, last night as I was walking Coquita, I could see only six inches of this concrete sticking up.  Now, I admit that I don't understand the differences between "good" waves, and the "bad" waves that take the sand away, but the waves have been so low lately, that they look like Lake Tahoe on a windy day.  How in the world these waves can carry back about 12 inches of sand, is beyond me...but we are not complaining...

Plus. the new sand has a "feather bed" feeling...that is the only way I can describe it--sort of fluffed up until you walk on it and leave a substantial footprint...my footprints sort of meander along in a relatively straight line, while Coquita's just waltz all around like a whirling dervish...

So...a good story, and one we hope will continue...


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