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Rolanda excels at Surfing 101

Well, our niece Rolanda runs marathons, but she has never lived at the Coast, so naturally, she decided to take a surfing lesson.  For $15.00 she got a three hour surfing lesson with a private instructor...gooood...take a look at "ground school"...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         




Years ago, I guess surfers got upright "one foot at a time", but now the idea is to just hop up on both feet--saving time and enjoying the wave a little longer...here she is practicing jumping up...

 And ya gotta have a good surf pose...


Off to the water...

 Shaky at first...Rolanda was finally able to get standing at least five times later in the lesson...in fact, her instructor said she was an excellent student and learned way faster than the majority of first timers.



True to form, as is true with most instructors in Hawaii, Rolanda's instructor asked her out for a round of disco hopping, but she declined, saying that she had to catch a bus to the airport at 5:00am--no problem says her instructor, "we'll just stay up all night..."

That observation did not quite work, and Rolanda told Rox that "besides, he's too young"...to which Rox gave some obvious advice...

I'm writing this entry after getting her to the bus with no time to spare...so she can catch a flight from Guayaquil three hours from now, so she can be in her office in Washington D.C bright and early Monday morning...we hope she keeps a little sand in her shoes, so she can remember a far too short visit...


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