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We knew we loved it down here, and thank our lucky stars each day, that we are here, and healthy enough to enjoy it.  We have a lot of friends who feel the same way...


Now International Living has blown the lid off the secret by declaring Ecuador the number one place in the whole world to retire to...are we feeling a little smug?...you bet...



We have a ton of folks reading our blog and our friend's blogs, and we know that there are a zillion lurkers who wish they could kick over the traces and join us having all this fun...which is affordable, too!!!

I read the article, and it did not say much about how great the people are here.  We live at the Coast most of the time, so we don't hang around much with the Gringo community...there isn't one...so we interact a lot with the locals, and we love them!!!  Just read some of the preceding entries to see how much.  Cuenca, on the other hand, has mucho Gringos and a established community of ex-pats...lots of fun...but you hardly have to learn Spanish...

We love the beach and wear shorts and tees every day...sort of the true equator experience. 

We just got an email last night from a Texas friend of ours who said that his high rise Cuenca apartment has doubled in price since he bought his in 2006. 

So, this is just a small word of advice to those who are packing...prices will be higher than you expect...a lot of folks have the same ideas that you have, and they have already thrown their ante into the pot...

This pressure on prices is especially high on the Coast, as there is not a huge number of high-rise apartment buildings being built, except in Manta.  Salinas has a ton of older ones, but a lot of folks from Guayaquil use them as second homes.  I think that I just heard that Guayaquil has taken over from Quito the title of largest city...if not largest, certainly richest.

This means that there will be price pressure on Salinas apartments from rich locals, as well as arriving Gringos...

True there is bare land to be had at the beach...but, guess what...those owners already know what they have...

That said...prices are still lower than all other places...so quit procrastinating and get your collective asses on down here...








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