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I got the car dry cleaned...Yes, that's right--dry cleaned!

Everyone who observed the car, after the wheel bearing disintegrated, told me that it is essential that I have the car pressure-washed and treated every two months.  This process will keep everything lubricated, and eliminate the buildup of dirt, sand, salt, and mud that seems to be the culprit when it comes to keeping the car flying straight and level.

So off I went to this place that is a retail outlet for all kinds of petroleum products, and also has four bays for spray washing.

First off, the young man spent about ten minutes taking everything out from every crevasse in the car...lifting seats and finding stuff that I hadn't seen for a year...He carefully loaded all the crud onto the seats for me to decide which was "garbage" and which was "good stuff"...and get this...He also threw up a folded wad of bills consisting of three twenties and a five...just up on the seat, with all the other junk!!!  He got a big grin on his face when I gave him the five...

Pretty soon, there were two other young men helping him clean.  And, I mean clean!!!  First, they used water on the underneath, the motor, and the exterior, and later came back used some kind of detergent on everything, and to top it off, sprayed what smelled like WD-40 on the whole undercarriage. 

But, get this...they opened up the car, and sprayed dry cleaning solution all over the upholstery, and headliner, and all interior doors and plastic parts...I was getting mighty worried about now...

You all remember the smell that emanates from dry cleaning establishments in the US...well this stuff smelled the same...only these guys were right in it...about 30 minutes later, all three were sitting in the interior wiping everything down with rags and newspaper.  The interior looks better than it ever has, and I got rid of most of the solvent smell by leaving the windows open for the ride home to Manglaralto...

Three guys, two and one half hours...eight bucks--plus a buck apiece for a tip!!!

Posted on Wed, September 16, 2009 at 06:19AM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments2 Comments

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good story...lots of tease.....no pictures!!!
Whasup wi dat?

September 16, 2009 | Unregistered Commenternightwatch

Hi Mr. Nightwatch...frankly I have to say that I was too stunned, as I watched, to think of taking pics...maybe I will spring by the location and take a "background" shot...it could be a little shocking...thanks for writing...

September 16, 2009 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

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