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A Side Trip to Cuenca...

Tomorrow morning, we hop in the car, traveling light, for a visit to Cuenca...this was the trip, pre-scheduled, where we were going to "trade" our license for a new one...and you know, that's not happening...however, we are planning to get a bunch of things for our "Christmas Party" for the neighborhood kids, here on the Coast.

After I wrote this entry, I got a little curve ball thrown at me by the Driving School--seems that we have psychological testing and class from nine to eleven this morning...Rox and Coquita will wait in the car while I attend, and then we hightail it east to Cuenca.

Also, just got word that our Papa Noel from last year will not be able to use his "Santa suit", so we are getting the material in Cuenca and having a local seamstress make a new one.   Also, we will be needing several more "elves" this year, as the number of kids is expected to triple...so we will be getting Sonia an "elf suit", and purchasing quite a few "Santa hats" for Santa's helpers.

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