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A Sunday Outing to Paute--nice and busy town east of Cuenca...

We had heard good things about the little town of Paute, especially that it had a really good market and a marvelous restaurant...both of these were supposed to go all out on Sunday...so off we went.


It was an easy drive, and is reached by driving halfway to Gualaceo then turning left and driving for another 30 minutes. 


The town was just as advertised....the market was picturesque, as was the whole town, and it seemed that all the merchants opened to capitalize on the expanded business brought by Sunday travelers...The ladies shown here in the Market wear a slightly different hat than we had seen before...




Even Barney was selling little bubble pipes...I tipped him and bought a bubble pipe which went to the little boy standing there...


When it was time to eat, we wandered down to Corvel Eventos (Corvel is good enough)...and it was a little early, so we could choose a nice table outside where Coquita made herself at home, and didn't bother the other guests...and to say that the food was great in an understatement!

Take a look at these dishes...most were just swimming in Shrimp and chicken, and lots of white fish...all with a definite Italian theme...





All of this wonderful food was close to the best that we've had in Ecuador...

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