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Christmas Shopping in September--Just trying to get a jump on our Christmas Party for the kids...

Note:  Party updates and news will be added to the bottom of this article, so we can all keep track of what is going on as we count down to the big party!!


Please take a second and read how our party went last year...it will make you feel good...


Here is one shot from last year...this year we will increase the size of the party to over 150 kids


You will notice that there are a lot of happy kids and moms...and this year, it appears that the party will be at least three times as big, have better stuff for the kids, have a bigger variety of drinks for moms to sip on, have more helpers, create an elf's outfit for Sonia, who was Santa's helper last year and also make from scratch a new 'Papa Noel" suit.

We do this because we live in a town where there is high unemployment, sometimes up to 48% "underemployment", where, if the breadwinner does land a job for the day, it pays at most $15.00 for the whole day!!! 

At Christmas, it is common for a child to receive only a piece of fruit or a home-made trinket as their total number of gifts for the holiday.  Don't think that they don't know that other kids get tons of stuff--they do...they already know that they are stuck in the "cycle of poverty".

So...this year we are going to do a lot more for more kids--and we need your help!!!

Here are some pictures of us buying some of the gifts that Papa Noel will be giving out this year...and this is just a drop in the bucket!!!



 We laid out the goodies that we got for the kids today, and believe me, it is a drop in the bucket...


Here is what else we want to do for the kids this year:


A lot more toys and a better selection of Christmas candy...

A nicer selection of things to drink for the mothers who will be spending a lot of time with us...it's pretty hot that time of year...

A new Papa Noel suit, because last year's is unavailable...

A new elf suit for Sonia, who is Santa's helper...

A bunch of "Santa Hats" for all the people who we will be pressing into service as "Santa"s helpers"..

Little "gift bags" for the kids, instead of the sandwich baggies we used last year.

A lot more individual photos of each kid getting a gift and posing with Papa Noel...these families have no cameras, and are still looking at the few group shots that I distributed to each family last year.  This year, we want to do better.


OK Folks...here's the pitch!!!  We are not asking anyone to bust the budget...In fact, if everyone only sent the price of a Starbuck's cup of coffee, we would be flying!!!

And it's easy!!!  PayPal works best...just type in our email address after you get to Paypal.com    bobnrox@gmail.com


If you don't have Paypal, you can always send a check or cash-(go on take a chance!) to our bank in Oregon.


  Evergreen Federal Bank

1329 NE Sixth Street

Grants Pass, Oregon 97526

Attn: Tara Lopez--

Hedges Kids Party Ecuador

So Folks...thanks for your good deed in advance...we will keep you up to date all the way...






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