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A Short and Sweet visit to Cuenca...

We were only in Cuenca for 8 days this visit, and since our place was rented out, we were thankful that Richand and Nancy graciously put us up in fine style.  They have a beautiful penthouse apartment with "knock your socks off" views from the tenth and eleventh floors of their building.  When we sit at their dining room table, it certainly feels that we are dining with the "swells"...good food, good company, and incredible views!!!


On this occasion, we were fortunate enough to have Brian and Shelley over with Coquita"s playmate, Fredi.  And, as usual, all of the "adult" conversation took a back seat to laughing over the antics of these two little girl dogs who spend the whole time in spirited play, which encompasses the whole apartment, including all of the chairs occupied by the big people.  These two doggies have a unique symbiosis which makes me wonder if they weren't siblings in another world...it usually takes each of them about 3 days to fully recover from so much playing...


We also had fun meeting Bruce and Charlie, whom we had heard so much about.  We spent the whole evening talking non-stop, while we tried one truly forgettable restaurant, but saved the night by going to Fornace's and gorging on huge ice cream creations...take a look...


 Gringo Night has gone from being an informal get together by expats to a "musical restaurants" kind of thing.  In addition, it has become so popular that the people in the standing room only crowd must shout to be heard by the person next to them.  Since I don't hear as well as I used to, I was getting frustrated by the noise, when conversation was pretty much out, and one could only hear one person right next to them.

So...some original thinking folks discovered that if they go the to "out" restaurant on Friday night, they will still be able to see about 30 Gringos, who think as they do, or who were just confused as to which place was the "in" place for that Friday.  This lets everyone have a little quality time, getting to know a person or couple without all the din, and lets you order food from a kitchen that is not trying to get out 40 dinners at once...plus lets one order a drink without having to take a number.  So...some good...


I had to put in a pic of my brother Rich holding Coquita...she has all but adopted "Uncle Rich"...



We loaded all the the stuff that we bought for the Kid's Christmas Party, and headed for home bright and early on Sunday morning.  A number of folks had warned us of the pending "riots" but, as usual, they were blown way out of proportion, and we saw nothing in seven hours of driving, plus a drive of the Coast on Monday. 

We did see a new baby llama...

  The baby llama was a portent of a beautiful drive all the way home...few clouds, no fog, no rain, got thru Guayaquil at 65 mph, great to see the ocean once again, and Isidro and Agripina waiting to unload, give hugs, get gifts, big smiles all around...what's not to like!!!

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