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And a Happy MMX to all of you, too!!!

I guess we will call this year "twenty-ten", as it is the easiest and sort of rolls off the tongue...as you see in the title, the Roman Numeral is pretty easy, too...MMX, sort of has a nice ring...

Well this is the year that marks 65 years from the time daddy came home from the Big War, and did his duty in the bedroom.   Since it takes 9 months to make a baby,  the first year for regular retirement at age 65 for the "Boomers" will be 2011.  I mention all of this, since a huge number of our readers are folks who have realized that retirement in the States is either Way Too Expensive, or Too Damn Cold!!!

In this blog, we can tell you what kind of platform you are using on your computer, when you log on, your ISP, and your country...but not the fun stuff, like who you are, your age, or what town you live in...

But...from the majority of our emails, we can glean that many hundreds of you have hair that is turning grey, that you are considering retiring to a warm, fun place, and that you are anxious about it.  Who could have predicted  that retirement might involve relocating half a world away--just to live a lifestyle that you thought you had worked all your life to achieve?

Well, as we begin 2010, Rox and I want to wish you all the best as you plan what you might wish to do with the rest of your lives...

If reading this blog helps you all get a better handle on Ex-Pat retirement, well that is great!  And if we can answer a question for you, please drop us a line.  We will try our best to answer, or send you to a website that might help.

And...one word of advice...You can only do as much as your health will permit you to do, so maybe this is the day that you vow to make your life a little healthier--'cause that is the most important single factor influencing how much you enjoy retirement.

So Giddy-Up!!!



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