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Million Dollar Mammogram Bus...

As you regular readers know, we live across the street from the hospital, so this morning, it was strange to hear this really loud diesel engine, when it is usually pretty quiet over there.

So, I wander out to see a huge, new, beautiful bus that is a lab and X-Ray department on wheels!


Since, I'm sure that this equipment gobbles up juice, they bring a huge generator built in, right behind the driver.


 And, of course,  they don't just do mammograms, I used that in the title, because they have a huge sign to let everybody know that it is available here.

Because this is a "left-leaning" administration, the services of this bus are limited to the poor, who get screened, lab work, and X-Rays for nothing.  Not a bad idea, since the super rich can certainly afford the $40.00 it costs for a mammogram in a number of first class hospitals.

In fact, Rox convinced Agripina to go on over and get screened...it might be her first one...

Turns out that Agripina is scheduled for her mammogram tomorrow, and so is her daughter...also, Isidro had his throat x-rayed and was given a bunch of medicine to stop his shortness of breath...good-O...

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