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Paid $3.00 to give 50 Baby Sea Turtles a chance at life...

Baby Sea Turtles were climbing out of a hole in the lot next door to us, and three young kids were gleefully putting them in a 5 gallon paint bucket for a, I don't know what,  fate--but it was not good...

So...I hot-footed it down there, took a look, told them that they were breaking the law, because these were an endangered species, and when that failed to move them, I told them I would buy all the turtles in the bucket for a dollar to each kid.  That got their attention!

I told them to carry the bucket out past two sets of breakers and lower the bucket into the water between waves...they did, and I paid them.  I can't think of a better use for three dollars.

After I wrote this entry, I noticed that more kids were out at the lot next door, and that more baby turtles were fighting to the surface...I didn't give out any more dough, but bribed the kids by taking their pictures before they carried their babies out to the ocean...here is one...

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