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Surf's Up Just in time for the Reef Classic Surf Competition!!!

We've had a fun week already, and now hot chicks are promoting a 5 day Surfing Championship...and, what's even more fun, is that Conquer Beer is co-sponsoring it.


Of course we are smiling!!!  These young ladies were gearing up to hand out leaflets all over the beach by riding dune buggies promoting the competition, and they were kind enough to take a minute, line up the carts, and pose with my old Army Buddy Ron, and me.  Not only do they look fantastic, but they are really nice!!!  In fact, the previous evening, another "Conquer Girl" posed with Rox and Ron at the Casa Blanca!!!

As you can see, Coquita was taking in the scenery...



 Here's another shot showing the dune buggies...

 The El Nino surf is so great for surfing that today, we noticed patterns of at least three great waves at a time loaded with surfers--no waiting around for that good ride...just stick out your thumb!!!

We promise that we will take many pictures of the competition just to make sure that you all get to keep up with important news events here in Montanita...the whole shebang begins Tuesday.  They are already putting up a huge stage for the Reef Girl Beauty Contest, and the Rock and Roll party...stay tuned!!!

If you can't wait for more...take a look at last year's entry...




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