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The Weather is Easy...

You know how you feel after a long winter, and the first warm Spring days come to sort of warm you up and the yellow sun makes you feel really contented?  Well, we not only feel that way, but so do the iguanas!  These cold blooded reptiles have been hiding out all month, 'cause they don't eat much when their body temps are way down...in fact, they have been running all over our roof today...

We were talking to Agripina and Isidro, who had just bought us a bunch of Corvina for dinner, when we heard this big crash, and saw that an iguana had leaped off the roof onto a dead palm frond, broken it in half, and then was suspended 20 feet off the ground, right in front of our faces!


This poor little guy was sort of suspended, not knowing which way to run, and pretty scared that we were all looking at him just a couple of feet away...so...I went in and got a straw broom with the thought that I would have him grab onto that, and I'd just take him downstairs.  I didn't have to, however, since the sight of the broom coming toward him, triggered a huge scramble of all four legs, and he was able to kick and wiggle straight up to safety!  Last we saw of him, he was sitting on a pile of coconuts sunning himself...

And, finally, I just had to show tonight's sunset...first one with my new camera...Rox and I both had failing cameras, so we bought his and hers...take a look...


Posted on Fri, October 1, 2010 at 07:12PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments2 Comments

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I am headed to Jama to make a homesite purchase at the end of November so that we may build a home overlooking the ocean and hopefully move in sometime summer of '11. I see where the weather currently is 72 degrees with 78% humidity. Is this unbearably hot?? I've lived in Arizona for 20 years and am not used to humidity. Being from Wisconsin originally, I don't remember the humidity as much, but I know we had it.

Also, I will be moving with my two boys, ages 9&11. Do you have any opinion on that? They are great young men and are excited for our adventure, and I'm hoping they will be able to assimilate and find friends with lots of stuff to do, surfing being one. I also homeschool them so I don't need a school system or anything of that nature. I've been told that there are many many Ecuadorian kids to play with, which is awesome, and I'd like them to have some gringos as well so they have friends to relate to situationally being expats who are either experiencing the same things or have already gone through them.

We are also moving with our 3 cats and 4 dogs! Those are the only 'possessions' we care about, so they are coming or we'd not come. They are family. Any advice on that? I've read all of the rules on bringing in pets, and have spoken to the airlines, etc, and know what to expect.

I enjoy reading your blogs as I just now found them. Anything you can tell me to help with my decision would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again :)


October 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKrissy Kay

Hi Krissy...

Well you have a great adventure planned...

I have never been to Jama, so don't quite know what the Gringo situations is there. But many are coming, so you will probably meet many.

If your boys play soccer, they will fit in fast. Also, having a computer and video games will make fast friends.

They have many advantages over the kids here, and some that we have seen tend to get a little elitist. Try to quell this urge in your boys.

72 degree temps here are just that...not warm and not cold. The humidity is great for your skin. Also, when it is hot, the wetter air and warm climate is perfect for getting rid of arthritis pain. Five of our friends who take expensive Arthritis medicine in the States, do not even take the medicine when they are here.

Trying to take seven pets in one trip is a huge gamble that they will stay together. Many airlines don't want that many pets at one time. Make sure, right now, that you have special dispensation for these pets from start to finish of the trip. And...plan to have it changed.

You haven't said how large the dogs are, but that is important to the airlines. Also is it just the three of you to handle all the luggage and the pet crates? You will need help during transfers. The most direct flight is the best. Even if you have to drive to Miami, and take the direct flight to Guayaquil. Then hire a van to drive you to Jama...

Change is hard to come by here, so bring over $100 just in ones for tipping.

Also, make sure that you have a place to stay that will take all the pets. You can pretty much be sure that no hotel will take seven animals--so you must make sure that you have all lodging nailed down ahead of time.

Good luck...

Bob & Roxanne

October 22, 2010 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

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