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We almost bust the budget--but we do bust the truck!

When you start a remodel from scratch, you can get the supplies and appliances kind of dribble, dribble, dribble, or you can bite the bullet, and go down and get everything at once...well today was the "everything at once" day...

It is a shock to come up to the daily limit imposed by your bank on your own money!  We were sneaky today, however, we brought some cash along, also...

We weren't sure about buying the new floor tile, but we figured that we could squeeze it in...Just ask the truck how 32 cases of ceramic tile and a dozen bags of special mastic feel on his springs!

This is in addition to getting the new fridge, stove, toilet, sink and cabinet, bookcase, Queen pillow top mattress and inner-spring...

So...we dragged our truck and trucker around La Libertad for a couple of hours, as we bought stuff here and there.  The poor truck was sagging when we said "adios" and took off for home.  We figured that he would be right behind...but, no...it turns out the the extra weight did in our little truck, and they had to make a few repairs before they showed up an hour after our guys were slated to go home!  We keep a couple of cases of beer around just for these emergencies!

Here is the truck as we top off the load with the new bed...this is certainly the case of the straw that broke the camel's back...or, as the the case today, a slipped spring or leaf...


How about a couple of different sunset pics?



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