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We live at the beach, yet we buy sand? Que Pasa?

In the following picture, you will see us taking delivery of a truckload of fine sand.  Now, you ask, "You live at the beach, why do you have to buy sand?"


There are two reasons that sand, quarried away from the beach, is superior.  Number one reason is that the salt in beach sand eats up re-bar, and Number Two is that viewed under a microscope, beach sand has round edges from millions of years of wave agitation, while quarry sand has rough edges--all the better to stick together to form tough, tough concrete.

Here are the guys unloading all the mortar blocks that will be needed for the bathroom walls, the shower, and for blocking up a huge window and a doorway.


Manual is an expert mason, who will transform this bunch of blocks into a nice smooth wall...  

This little guy was checking out the progress of the suite...


Mack and Gina treated us to din din at the Casa Blanca on their last day of vacation...tomorrow, they fly home to "real life".


Loyal blog readers and honeymooners, Al and Ellen dropped by, and during a pleasant afternoon talking, they also inspected the suite construction and gave it a "thumbs UP".



So...you Cuenca readers, if you see this happy couple in Cuenca this week, be sure to congratulate them!



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