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Gracious Ladies from Cuenca, grace us with a visit!!!

Sunday afternoon got a lot nicer as we were visited by Carol and Susie from The California Kitchen, along with Brenda, Linda and Francis.  We had a lot of fun trading stories on the deck as we watched the tide come in.  I felt honored that I was allowed to join in...

 Here's the happy group...


Coquita jumped on everyone, but I particularly liked this pic of Carol fending off another kiss...

 These two did not waste their beach visit--they immediately doffed sandals and grabbed two plastic bags and went out on the beach to collect goodies.  They came back 20 minutes later with bulging bags full of pretty shells and colorful rocks...

Also, Thanks Karen,  for the timely comment...




And from the "Show Me!" State..  We got a visit from Candace and Tom, who are pursuing the Ecuador Dream...

 All in all, a very nice weekend!

Posted on Sun, October 24, 2010 at 07:28PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments3 Comments

Reader Comments (3)

that's Brenda, Linda and Francis I believe!

October 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKaren Kimbler

Hi Karen...Thanks mucho for the timely comment...your info makes the story a lot more civilized...

Bob & Roxanne

October 24, 2010 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

nice colorful sweatshirt (i am not sure what its called actually) rox!!! looks great on you.

October 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermack and gina

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