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Sweet Progress with the Suite!

Had a couple of emails wanting to know what was happening with the suite's progress...so here are a few shots...

Here is Manual finishing up the "false" floor of the new bathroom.  When you face creating a new bathroom in a space which has a cement slab and tile floors, you would be foolish to dig down to make new drains for shower and toilet--it is much easier to add a new level of flooring made of concrete.

We were fortunate here, in that we have a main septic line running beside the building, and we can run the plumbing outside near the ground and hook right up to an existing line...


Here, Manual has run couduit and plastic pipe for power and water...That round hole on the upper left is for the exhaust fan vent...

 He is covering the whole area with new mortar, which will be smoothed out and be the basis for the new tile to be added next week.


Alfredo is busy completing the arch, which already makes the room seem a lot bigger.  That horizontal stick attached to the arch has a "Minute Hand" that he uses to sweep through the arc to make sure that is stays true for the full 180 degrees.

 Here is a long shot...

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