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We Load the Car UP (& Down), with Goodies for the Kid's Christmas Party!

As we've said before, we go to Cuenca to buy toys and dolls for the Kid's Party, because they just don't have the selection and prices at the Coast...

These photos of us loading the car with over 100 pounds of wrapped candy, and over 66 Kg (145 pounds) of, everybody's favorite, animal crackers!

We also have over 60 toy trucks and about 55 dolls.  Plus, lots of other Christmas Party decorations.  (This is the second load of dolls and trucks)


When we actually closed the hatch, we had to do it quickly, 'cause it all wanted to come back out!  Notice a corner of one of the three huge sacks of animal crackers...


This is Rox posing with less than half of the candy we bought!  The check stand was too small to hold it all for the photo...


Our plan here was to insert all of the rest of the stuff inside a plastic wrap that first encased a new mattress, and then roll everything up and tie it on top!  Rich's excellent Trucker's knots held it all together, and it was perfectly wrapped as we pulled into the driveway seven hours later.


Our trip was a little slow, as we climbed to over 11,000 feet to get out of the Cuenca basin, but we whizzed right along as we coasted downhill all the way to the flat lands approaching Guayaquil.

This driver might not have a job tomorrow!!!  If he has a headache, I can understand why!


Here is a shot of the wonderful green of new shoots of rice growing as far as the eye can see...


We stayed on the Perimetral bypass around Guayaquil with the gas all the way down in 5th gear, so we cleared our not so favorite city in 25 minutes...Actually it does have some redeeming qualities--the best one being, how it looks in our rear view mirror, as we hit the freeway going due West!

We wish to thank many of you folks for your generosity as we gear up to provide a big smile for a lot of needy children this year!

As we've said before, many of them may only get a piece of fruit for a Christmas present. 

Your contributions have allowed us to stay somewhat even as we buy toys, dolls and candy and animal crackers. 

We still must purchase food for over 300, and reimburse wages for a bunch of workers, who will have to take a day off to help us handle the crowd of happy kids and their moms.

Also, we have to rent tables and little chairs, and we face the cost of printing a Kodak photo of each child getting a gift from Papa Noel.

So...if you've been wondering how the fund raising is going, the answer is "just fine!", but we need a little help as we enter the home stretch.

In fact, we've just received word that a couple, who will be spending Christmas down here, wants to bring down a bunch of school supplies, which will be shopped for by their own kids...now is that great, or what!

So...if you wish to help, just send a little dough through PayPal to our email address:  bobnrox@gmail.com


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