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The 2010 National Census Shortens our Friend's Visit by a Day--darn! Plus, here is a copy of the Questionnaire...

The most confusing part of the announcements that everyone seems to be making, regarding the census, is that the Rural parts of the Country are exempt.

Exempt from what?  Well, it seems that huge measures will be in effect this weekend as the census questioning actually begins on Sunday.  No booze to be sold, Businesses to be closed, transportation is down to just emergency and "authorized", personal cars off the road, etc.  Everyone to be home to be counted and questioned...

Our friends, Bob and Martha, had planned to take the bus from the Coast to Guayaquil, where they would layover until Monday when AeroGal would whisk them 600 miles off the Coast to the Galapagos Islands.

We had hoped that since "Rural areas were exempt", that the our buses would run.  Turns out that our Libertad Peninsular first class buses will remain in the barn on Sunday...period.  We had hoped that they might run after 5 pm, but that wasn't happening, either.

So...plan B was that they would take the 5:30 am bus from Olon to Guayaquil on Monday morning, and that they would arrive at the airport in plenty of time to make their 11:15 flight...

Bob and I went down to the station yesterday afternoon to buy the front seat tickets for Monday morning...and received a little surprise!  We can't buy a ticket, because there will be no buses up at our end of the line on Monday...

The reasoning is:  The Monday morning buses are those that completed their Sunday night runs up here, and waited around to begin all over on Monday--OK, we get that, but why not use the Saturday night buses which would just layover for Sat night, Sun night, and then be ready to go Monday morning?

Turns out that Montanita will be its usual busy self Saturday, and all buses will be needed to take partiers home Saturday night and Sunday morning--thus no buses left at our end.

The only solution, is for me to drive them to Guayaquil, which I would do, but which will probably mean that I will add to the madhouse effect of chaos that is expected on Monday.  Or...leave earlier. 

So, Saturday...we will have a nice lunch at the Casa Blanca, and then off they go to catch the afternoon bus...a day earlier than we planned. 

We downloaded and printed up copies of the questionnaire for our friends and workers.  The questions are OK, but they are being met with suspicion by the rich and poor alike.  Rumors abound about higher taxes, vacant bedrooms to be filled by the homeless, deportation for visa irregularities, etc.

There is not a lot of trust that the gov-mint will follow the law, but will use the data collected to affect people personally.  But, that said, I think that almost all people will follow the letter and spirit of the law.  We certainly are...

Click here for a description of the process:


And click here for the actual form...in Spanish:


Even if you don't know Spanish, you can figure out quite a bit...

Rox and I plan to fill in the form and be ready to make the High School student asking the questions, feel as comfortable as possible...

We went down the Salinas yesterday and stocked up on supplies, and had lunch on the malecon, where we watched folks enjoying the beach and the surf...

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