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"Gone in 16 Minutes"-- Our Census Story...

Rox had the form all filled out when a pretty scared, young high school student was shown to our front door.  He was a really nice young man, very serious, and very afraid to make a mistake.

We tried to give him a Coca Cola, but he was all business...

Once he started copying Rox's answers onto his official form, he relaxed a bit and smiled more.


Are we glad to have participated--you bet!  Take a look at the smile on my face!

  They stick a little "Counted" sticker on your front door, just so you won't be bothered by other census takers...

A little follow-up story about Bob and Martha...

Bob sent the following adventure that they had in Guayaquil, as they defied the edicts of the Census Gods...

  The Census:   "(Done every 10 years here. on a Sunday. EVERYTHING STOPS. No cars, buses, taxis, domestic flights...and no shops, restaurants etc till 5PM) After the census takers left the Hostel the inn-keeper said that visitors (with passport) could leave the building (go outside....but not to travel....as there are no cars allowed to drive). There is a Hilton a few blocks away.....the innkeeper told us they DO have a restaurant where one could get lunch. The daughter of the owner (19 yr old) offered to walk with us. After one block...a..policemen on foot stopped us. Our guide told them of our mission. "Nope....not allowed". Our young guide persisted telling them that a previous police person had given the OK.  We walked on for another block. Two more police stopped us...along with a census taker. Same story   "Well.....OK".  After another block a police car with siren  stopped us. "No....not allowed" Our young guide was undaunted. I can only assume she gave them the same story. One of the policemen got out of the car and opened the door and said to "get in". Well we obviously did only to have our guide tell us they are taking us to the Hilton......which they did.....and even returned our "protector" to the Hostel.  We had a nice lunch at the Hilton......fortunately all the shops were closed. :)  We walked back to the hostel. An "official car" (that´s what was on the side) passed us about three times in route. The census taker and policeman waved as we passed. Upon our return to the Hostel the innkeeper (the mother of our guide) unlocked the gate to let us in. I told her to have her daughter pack her things......we are taking her home!!!! Sorry.....have no pictures to authenticate the story.....but it´s sure true."


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    "Gone in 16 Minutes"-- Our Census Story... - You can join here... - BobnRox
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    "Gone in 16 Minutes"-- Our Census Story... - You can join here... - BobnRox

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