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Catching 10,000 fish by Hand! Only Here!

If anything, I am under-estimating the amount of fish caught!

Our area of Ecuador snuggles up to a huge bench just under the waves, that extends out for miles.  So, instead of a huge drop-off like off the Coast of California, Ecuador has a very shallow aquarium-like ocean for fishermen to fish in...

This shallow water, and the incredible  50% "underemployment" of strong, young workers, makes telling the following story possible:

We took every photo within a couple of yards of our front deck--this was possible that day, because the sideways action of the tides was absent.

In the title, I have to make one exception:  That is the presence of a 30 year old Ford flatbed truck...although this story is repeated daily just launching from the beach...

Here are some photos of the truck arriving with the little fishing boat, a really long net piled inside, attached to two 500 meter lines (ropes).





 The plan is to row out about 500 meters (1/2 kilometer), while trailing a line held by the guy who had just helped them launch through the waves, then turn to the right while dropping a long, 2 meter-wide net over the side, for about 300 meters, and then row back in, thus completing a huge "horseshoe" that, hopefully will trap a lot of fish, as it is pulled in from the shore.

Here is how it looks after they have slowly pulled at each line for about 30 minutes--you see the pincher movement coming together...


As you can see, they  have pulled in all the line, and now are pulling in each side of the long net.  Now this net also traps fish in it, and as it gets passed behind the guys pulling, there are lots of folks filling up plastic bags for a free fish dinner that night...Here are some shots of just the pulled in net...



This above is just a small portion of the fish trapped in the net--try counting them!


The people are happy to get these fish for dinner, and the fishermen are ignoring them.  That is because they are trying to handle a super-large catch!     


This big one was an exception, but it makes the fishermen happy...

 They took over an hour to load the fish truck with their catch...carrying a net full at a time...


Here's a shot of Martha getting into the act--that's our place in the background...

 It was a good day for everybody--the workers get a payday, and the people get fish in every pot!

The anti climax of all of this, is that this net must be untangled, freed of all fish, all the lines rolled up and washed, and then the whole shebang must get loaded back into the little boat, and then they all work like crazy to push it back into the truck!



 If it wasn't for the incredible amount of directed energy exerted by all of these young men, this story could never happen!  There is a lot ot be said about working together!



Posted on Mon, November 29, 2010 at 04:14AM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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what a wonderful blog. I am so looking forward to coming to the beach this next week.. I hope that we can see your casa and fishermen!

November 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKaren Kimbler

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