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We buy end tables for reading, and are reminded of Kid's Party!

Rox shopped for bedside lamps yesterday in a town, two towns south of us.  We were lucky that the first store had exactly what she wanted.  As they were wrapping up the sale, the owner asked if we were the people who live up by the hospital.  She beamed when we said yes, and hurried out of the room to get her treasured picture of her daughter with Papa Noel, last year.

She said. that this year she hopes to get her youngest son photographed, also.  We said "for sure"'.  Don't forget folks, this photo of their child may be the only one they get for a whole year.


Rox thinks these lamps fit perfectly with the wicker furniture.

We had an early birthday drink for Isidro's birthday yesterday afternoon.  We gave hiim a new flashlight, some "take home" beers, and a huge ice cream cake, but the high point was when he opened a new Swiss Army Knife, actually made by the real company in Switzerland.  He beamed like a kid when I showed him all the little implements hiding all over that famous knife.  This model had several attachments especially made for fishermen.  Most importantly, it was made with Swiss stainless steel, which is bulletproof compared to some of the stainless for sale here.


 they also like the bourbon and coke in a tall glass...

We told them that the big ice cream cake, must be opened when they have the family party next Wednesday.

So Folks...this is just a little reminder that we need a few more bucks to pull off this Christmas Party for the Kids.  Many of you sent generously in September, and we bought over a 100 gifts for the kids.  Since we expect more than 200 kids this year, we will filling the car with more toy trucks and dolls, food and candy this week in Cuenca.

We travel to Cuenca to load, because the selection and prices are far better than at the Coast.

The easiest way to send along a couple of bucks is to just send it to PayPal using our Email address.  If you don't have one, it's easy to sign up for one.


I am writing this a t 2:30 in the morning, the alarm is set to go off at 5:30, so stay turned for more pics of our drive over the Andes, and for some fun staff that is planned for this week. 




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